Toyota presented its vision for the future of mobility in the Olympic Games of Youth Buenos Aires 2018

Por Alurralde Jasper

As a global mobility partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Toyota will develop different activities in the two Olympic parks with exhibitions and interactive and educational activities. Toyota Mobility Services was presented, the pioneering mobility services platform that will be the legacy of the Olympic competition in our country.

As part of its global agreement with the International Olympic Committee, Toyota became the official mobility partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games for the period 2017-2024, which includes Buenos Aires 2018. With this global alliance, Toyota promotes the creation of a society without discrimination through sport and is committed to creating a sustainable society through mobility. Toyota’s values ​​of continuous improvement and respect for people are shared by the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which summon the whole world in friendship and solidarity to celebrate human potential.

For Toyota, the Olympic and Paralympic Games are platforms that link the company’s global commitment to the concept of “mobility for all”. Through a shared vision, the goal is to transform the way people move around the world and create solutions for mobility barriers that limit human potential, from an optimized public transport system for large cities to solutions Individuals for people with physical challenges.

Toyota became the first partner in the history of the “The Olympic Partner” (TOP) program to sponsor the category “mobility”, which includes: vehicles (including cars, urban mobility vehicles and commercial vehicles); mobility services (including road safety and transport systems); and other mobility solutions.

Toyota believes that mobility goes beyond cars; it is about overcoming the challenges and making dreams come true, which is symbolized by the corporate initiative “Start Your Impossible” and is the basis for its transformation from a car company to a mobility company.

“Today we are challenging the impossible to achieve a society where everyone can participate and overcome their limits. It is the fighting spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic athletes that inspires us. Every day, these athletes are inspired by their hopes and dreams. Can you imagine how that should feel? How impossible can it be? But these athletes do it every day. Like them, we are surpassing our own limits to challenge the impossible and create a future of mobility for all, “said Steve St. Angelo, Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation and CEO for Latin America and the Caribbean.

• Start Your Impossible, a global Toyota initiative

“Start Your Impossible” was launched in 2017 to celebrate Toyota’s eight-year global sponsorship of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“Start Your Impossible” is not just a slogan. It is a corporate initiative that was developed with the aim of highlighting Toyota’s mission to create a society without barriers, where the values ​​of the company of humility, overcoming challenges and never giving up are reinforced.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games align with Toyota’s values ​​and are platforms to show the company’s global commitment to the concept of “mobility for all”.

• The sponsorship of the 2018 Olympic Games Buenos Aires

The global agreement with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) includes the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018, where Toyota will be a fundamental part of the organization providing 338 support vehicles for different activities of the Olympic contest.

In turn, Toyota continues to participate in the Buenos Aires 2018 Torch Tour with the support of the Hilux pick-up produced in Zárate, which transports the youth Olympic flame through 17 cities in Argentina in almost 60 days, with a total distance of 14,000 km.

The Torch Tour of the Youth Olympic Flame began on August 5 in an itinerary that includes different provinces throughout the country, and will end on October 6 at the Obelisk of the city of Buenos Aires to be part of the Ceremony of Opening of the Youth Olympic Games.

During the development of the Olympic competition, Toyota will also be present at 2 of the Olympic parks in the city of Buenos Aires:

Green Park presented by Toyota (Bosques de Palermo): The park will offer activities related to the care of the environment. The brand will have a space dedicated to hybrid technology with the presence of the Prius vehicle, will present the advances of the 2050 Environmental Challenge and will develop actions aimed at the sustainability and education of children.

Tecnopolis Park (Tecnopolis): With the exhibition of the Concept-i Series, different interactive activations will be carried out in order to represent the concept of “mobility for all” of Toyota, through the artificial intelligence technology developed by the company.

• Concept-i series: course to Tokyo 2020

Toyota’s challenge is to create a new relationship between people and cars. Under the concept “more than a machine, a partner”, the TOYOTA Concept-i series presents a technology that understands people, applying artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize emotions and estimate the preferences of the driver. This technology, combined with the automatic management, improves the safety of users. The more time the driver and his car spend together, the more data will accumulate and the more familiar the car will be with the sensitivity of the driver.

Along with the development of various technologies, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be an important objective for the company. There, the world will be able to experience the future of “Mobility for all”. In this sense, the company will carry out tests of vehicles equipped with some of the functions of the Concept-i series towards the year 2020, in Japan.

At the Technopolis Park, during the 2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games, Toyota will exhibit the three vehicles of the Concept-i series:

Concept-i: It is a four-wheel model that represents the conceptual series. It has a cabin with futuristic silhouette projected forward and uses artificial intelligence, developed as a partner that understands people. The Toyota Concept-i determines the emotions and the level of attention by reading the expressions, actions and tone of voice of the driver in a complex way.

Concept-i RIDE: It is a small vehicle that emphasizes universality based on the concept of “easy-to-use urban mobility”. It has gull-wing doors, an electric sliding seat and a joystick, with easy operation for users with wheelchairs. Seat design and automatic driving functions make it possible for anyone to drive safely.

Concept-i WALK: With its compact dimensions that adapt to pedestrian zones and its automated driving function, this mobility vehicle can increase the range of movement safely. Its three wheels, mechanism of variable distance between axes, function of direction and low floor to facilitate the use without need of attire or specific shoes. The Toyota Concept-i WALK can rotate on itself with a length less than a person’s pace and an amplitude that does not exceed the width of a person’s shoulders.

• Toyota Mobility Services, una nueva forma de movilidad en Argentina

Antes de la inauguración oficial de Buenos Aires 2018, Toyota Argentina presentó Toyota Mobility Services, una plataforma de servicios de movilidad pionera en la industria automotriz de nuestro país.

La decisión de Toyota de crear nuevas formas de mover y conectar a sus clientes en todo el país, y el desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías y plataformas, está cambiando rápidamente la industria automotriz. Esta plataforma será la columna vertebral de la movilidad como un servicio para la autonomía, para el uso compartido del automóvil y para nuevos servicios que se podrán seguir construyendo en el futuro. Toyota Mobility Services es el primer paso de Toyota Argentina en la transición de una compañía de automóviles a una empresa de movilidad.

A su vez, como parte del acuerdo de colaboración de Toyota con el Comité Olímpico Internacional en la categoría “movilidad”, que incluye los Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud Buenos Aires 2018, se estarán brindando servicios de movilidad a la organización de Buenos Aires 2018 a través de Toyota Mobility Services. El acuerdo incluye la provisión de 338 vehículos que servirán de soporte para la organización Olímpica.

Toyota Mobility Services, que será lanzada oficialmente en Argentina en noviembre próximo, será el legado de los Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud Buenos Aires 2018. El objetivo de Toyota es brindar una movilidad cada vez mejor a más clientes a medida que la tecnología permite superar los propios límites.